Check, Double Check, From Me, By Me

Here in the Juliland Universe, we are lucky enough to have been blessed with a small hand full of amazing writers.  We have Stella Blue, who writes about her world-wide travels across the globe, Tod Hunter, who blogs about his everyday thoughts in a thoughtful and kindhearted way, and Scarlett Stone, who writes all about [...]

What’s Your Fantasy?

The term ‘fantasy’ is a word we loosely throw around in our everyday language to describe an intangible entity, one in which we wish we could acquire, but don’t quite have within reach.  For some, a fantasy could encompass a job or a car, even a house or an item of clothing.  But here in [...]

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Tell Me What You Want

For those of you who appreciate Disney classics as much as I do, perhaps you’re familiar with the Cinderella song, “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.”  For those of who aren’t so familiar, I’ll give you a few necessary details so you’re up to speed. Walt Disney created this film in 1950 and [...]

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Scarlett Wants a Babe

The grrls of Juliland have their blogs, their foto sets, their movies, and their Snog & Shag interviews with the one and only, Lexi Belle.  In addition, they’re also given their own “Wish Lists,” a place where their admirers can buy them toys, shoes, jewelry, what have you, from a list that the ladies personally [...]

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Twitta Please!

I’ve been known to have an opinion or two about a lot of things.  I have my ideas, thoughts, and opinions on just about everything known to mankind!  But, I’d like to think I’ve earned the right to say these opinions out loud!  So, here’s my two-cents on Twitter and Porn Stars – brace yourself!  [...]

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