2013 Best Mess – Sophie Dee

Best Mess - Sophie Dee • The look of Juliland.com is undeniably a hot mess.  But we like to think that's what makes our website and our content so uniquely delicious!  While the look itself was first started by Richard back in the 80's, it's now been taken to the next level by our amazing grrls. [...]

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2013 Hall of Fame – Zoe Britton

Zoe Britton - jGrrl 08/06 • ZOE!!!  It was love at first site with Zoe.  She made me tingle all over every time we shot.  She was another grrl who got my vision, sense of humor and passion from the beginning.  Every time we shot I knew it was going to be easy and great!  The [...]

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2013 Blog Post – Scarlett Stone

Best Blog Post - Scarlett Stone • They Don’t Fuck on Film, but They Should • TOO MANY to choose from, but for me it came down to just one.  Ultimately, I chose this article because it perfectly demonstrates Scarlett’s talent for vision, words and taste in women.  Just read it and be enlightened!  As a matter [...]

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2013 Best Trouble – Audrey Bitoni

Best Trouble - Audrey Bitoni • This year’s winner is last year’s winner, and I can promise you that she’ll absolutely be next year’s winner as well.  Audrey is seriously one of a kind and my BFF.  That’s why this award will always be hers.

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2013 Scarlett Stone Award – Samantha Bentley

Scarlett Stone Award (voted by Scarlett Stone) - Samantha Bentley • A lover of Brits and brunettes, it’s no surprise that Scarlett chose Samantha Bentley for the Scarlett Stone Award.  According to Scarlett, Sam has all the qualities necessary to rock the adult industry – amazing dark hair, pale white skin, natural breasts, a beautiful face, [...]

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2013 Hall of Fame – Gia Jordan

Gia Jordan - jGrrl 03/06 • I met Gia through a mutual friend when I was just starting Juliland.com.  She was in the “biz” making trouble as a sassy, nasty, creative, beautiful, smart and fun grrl.  As a matter of fact, she kinda still is.  The one thing that I remember most about the beautiful Gia [...]

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