2014 Best Blog Post – Troy Michael/The Business of Rock ‘n’ Roll

I loved this article big time! Troy knows his music and the biz better than most. I wanna thank him for these words and ALL his support. If you’re a music lover like me, check out his blog InnocentWords.com and you just might learn something new! http://juliland.com/the-business-of-rock-n-roll/

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2014 Juliland Awards

JULILAND NEWS: The month of July means one very big thing for our Universe: the 3rd Annual Juliland Awards!  Last year, our winners were well deserved and needless to say, unstoppable forces of nature.  This year, they’re bigger and better than ever.  Allow your curiosity to kill you and take a look at whom the Juliland [...]

10 Favorite 80’s Bands

There’s no easy way to put this, but the 1980s were a fucked up time. In a decade when “Greed was good,” cocaine was like condiment, and pastel clothes were everywhere, looking back, the 1980s were a scary time. But one positive point from the decade of excess was the music. With the birth of [...]

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Top Ten Seattle-Area Bands

There have been plenty of meccas for rock & roll over the decades. From its birth place in the Mississippi Delta, to shores of England for the British wave of heavy metal, to Haight/Ashbury and hippies in San Francisco, to the glam scene of the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles. However, for this writer, there [...]

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Ten Favorite Pearl Jam Songs

Picking my ten favorite Pearl Jam songs out of the hundreds they have recorded over their 20-plus year career is a monumental task, but one worth taking on. Truth be told, I didn’t like Pearl Jam when I first heard them, I was still caught up in that time between hair metal and Guns & [...]

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IW_Best Of 2013

As the editor/publisher of Innocent Words hundreds of new release come to me in various formats, CDs, vinyl, and the dreaded digital download. I try to make it a point to listen to everything that comes across my desk, but sometimes it’s hard to accomplish. Compiling a list of those releases into a Top 10 [...]

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