Baby Frank Meets Star

Giddy Up!  I had the chance to visit the stables and meet Serena Blair’s beautiful horse Star.  I got to ask the tough questions in between her daily workouts.  She is spoiled and loved more than any horse I’ve ever met.  She's as nice as she is beautiful.  Whoa! Who are you & how did [...]

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My Dog Can See Me Naked, But You Can’t

Ashamed to be seen by God but not the serpent, Adam and Eve ate of the land in none other than their birthday suits.  Now, I find myself in the comfort of my own home doing the very same – eating apples, committing my own original sins, and watching men fall.  Although in the spirit [...]

Baby Frank Meets Bellatrix

Catnip aside, our very own Baby Frank is under love’s spell falling quite hard for a feline female named Bellatrix.  If Frank is anything like his mommy Scarlett, his adoration is due to her uncanny similarities to a crazed witch from Harry Potter.  But will this tale of two lovers last the test of time?  [...]

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Baby Frank Meets Nora

A frisky new pup has been added to the Starr family, an adorable female Pitbull that goes by the name of Nora.  She’s beautiful like her mother, grey like 50 Shades, as sassy as her fellow housemate, China, and a shoe-in for Baby Frank’s new girlfriend.  A fan of younger women, Frank swooned and Nora [...]

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Baby Frank Meets Hilo

Hello, Hilo!?  Baby Frank exclaims as he sniffs the butt of Angel Vain’s one true love, her dog.  While Angel is a busy body, you can generally find Hilo at the opposite end of the spectrum taking long naps and yawning for exercise.  Despite their diverse lifestyles, the two get along swimmingly.  And as usual, Baby Frank was live at the scene [...]

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Baby Frank Meets Fang

A British pug named Fang walks into a bar.  He asks for a spot of tea and snuffles out a big snort.  As he turns around, he comes to find that this speakeasy encounter is not a knock-knock joke, but rather, a friendly interview with the one and only, Baby Frank.  As they bark over [...]

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