What do you get when you put outrageous humor, adorable sassiness, and spit-fire wittiness all together? Well, you get Lexi Belle, of course! She may seem like an innocent blonde bombshell, but don’t let her looks deceive you – she’s a clever girl with an undying love for sex who likes to freak on camera for everyone to see.  No wonder she’s the host of Juliland’s TV series, 7 Minutes in Heaven and jGrrl of the month three times in a row!  While we’re lucky to have Miss Lexi Belle in Los Angeles close to the Juliland layer, let it be known that she’s originally a Southern girl that moved around a lot.  She explains, “Half my life I grew up in the south, and the other half somewhere in space with my imaginary friends and kitties.”  And now that’s she’s finally here to stay, she’s still found comfort with her kitties, a parrot, and none other than the seductive grrls of Juliland.

When asked about the perks of adult industry, Lexi immediately claims, “The grrls, grrls, grrls! I love sex and it’s a bonus to get paid, but the real perk is the role playing and production sets I’m on every day!  In my book, there is no such thing as too much sex.” And what about her supposed soul mate and soon to be husband Richard Avery?  “I love his creative thought process and unique personality.  I don’t want anything else but his cock and his camera.” So, it appears the rumors are true!  But will planning her wedding and life to Dick ultimately take over her plans for the near future? Lexi tells us that she doesn’t have any definite plans for her porn future.  But, if you don’t find her “fucking on film with girls like Allie Haze and stupid Evol grrl Aiden,” then she’s “probably dead somewhere in a ditch.”

As far as we can see, Lexi Belle is here to stay and rule the adult entertainment industry like the princess she is.  Taking life, cock, and pussy as it comes, Lexi shares with us that she simply wants “to be happy and naked for a while longer.”  Good thing we all want her to be naked a while longer as well!  But in the eyes of Lexi Belle the best thing about fucking is the following: “It’s how babies are made.”