Born and bred in Northern California, Reena Sky has been conquering the adult industry ever since her start in 2006.  Branded as a bona fide troublemaker with an eye for all things naughty, Reena admits that porn has and always will be a way for her to express herself and get off.  And when she is getting off, she prefers slow tunes such as Portishead, Massive Attack, Sade, and John legend (gentlemen, take note).

Reena explains, however, that it takes more than good music to make her swoon.  “I find confidence, kindness, and good hygiene the sexiest in a man.  Who wants to get cut by whiskers?  I take care of mine, do your part.”  Quite clearly, Miss Sky is one sassy grrl.  She tells us candidly that she’s been calling her pussy by the name of ‘Peachy’ ever since she was a small girl.  Little did she know that Peachy would be all over the Internet and in the minds of millions of fans.  Congratulations Peachy, you’re a star.

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