JULILAND NEWS: It’s summer and time for the our favorite jGrrl: Ash “Mutha Fuckin” Hollywood. If you know us and I’m sure you do, you know that Ash has been both jGrrl of the Year, jGrrl of the Month. Basically, she’s jGrrl 4 Life and pretty much gets whatever she wants around here. Her personal blog AshGirl.com is one of our busiest sites, she’s a super favorite of Richard and together they have more fun than a barrel of monkeys drunk on Tequila!

Ash is true veteran of the biz, explaining, “Pornography is an ever changing and evolving little monster of our deepest sin: LUST. I’m just really proud of the guys and girls who have learned to run the business on their own, and not depend on others for money. It’s pretty amazing what performers are up to these days!” Ash brings the best she can to everything she does. From her SiriusXM show Tap That Ash, to her Juliland Radio podcast Ashaholics to her personal blog AshGirl.com here at the Juliland Universe.

I asked Ash what turns her on and she replied, “Women, always. Everything about them is majestic. Richard knows I’m a girl whore, although I love a pretty girl with a brain. Smart is sexy. I like a guy who’s a little dangerous. I love the fighters who toss me around and take me like a man. I love a man that can take charge in bed, but also knows how to make love. Eyes are my biggest turn on because they’re amazing to read when someone is turned on or pleasured.” A lover of everything good in life, if you don’t know Ash Hollywood, then you don’t know what fun is. Follow her on Twitter, listen you her shows, watch her scenes and I promise you will not be let down.