Will You Fuck Me, Please?

After the publication of John Gray’s best-selling book in 1992, Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, the world got a new taste of the real differences between the sexes.  While some have criticized the book for it’s overall stereotyping of genders, the 7 million plus copies sold tells us that perhaps there’s truth to [...]

Bobbi Starr’s Week in Porn • 06.17.11

This week: Ewoks gone wild. Middle aged men still pretending to be hot women on the Internet. Politicians in New York tackle the hard choices of the day, decides that lap dances are subject to sales taxes. Forget everything you know about tree-hugging, Gaia-loving hippies. Apparently, they're hot, photovoltaic bikini-wearing models, not patchouli-smelling, dreadlock-wearing political [...]

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