ra_newnormalIts 2016 and I’ve been doing Juliland for 10 years now.  A lot has changed in those 10 years.  When I started Juliland there was no Twitter or Instagram.  People paid for their porn.  There were less people making & doing porn.  There were fewer photographers and sites.  Things were different for sure.  I’m not saying better, just different.  I’m proud of everything I’ve done and created in these last 10 years, but like everything in life things change.

I’ve stopped updating the Juliland members site now and will leave it up for 4 more months.  Just going to let you check it out before it goes away.  This year I want to focus on Juliland Radio and my podcast shows.  My goal is to add more shows and start doing video/live.  Stay tuned for that!  ALSO I’m cutting back on updating.  The good news… Its all going to be free.  So the new normal is now FREE and fun.

I have some big goals this year and lots of new grrls I want to shoot.  You gotta keep coming back to see what I will be creating.  Its not as easy as it once was, but I’m still going to keep having fun no matter what.  I started this madness for two simple reasons… To not answer to anyone and to have fun.  After 10 years… Thats the one thing that hasn’t changed.  I win!