A new Queen is crowned to rule over the Juliland Universe under the royally appointed name of jGrrl of the Year!  But you can call her Alektra Blue.  Still, we do ask that you bow prior to addressing her.  After all, who else can say they’ve been a jGrrl twice, bestowed a F.A.M.E. and three AVN Awards, and officially named Penthouse Pet of the Month as well as the “Bad Girl” of Wicked Pictures?  That’s right, no one.  And now with 2013 jGrrl of the Year under her belt, this girl is more on fire than ever before.  She says, “This accomplishment is at the top, right up there with me coming out of the womb.  To be crowned jGrrl of the year means I’m cooler than you. Eat it up.”

Confidence, comicality, beauty, and balls are just a few of the amazing characteristics Alektra Blue possesses.  She’s also a bona fide mischief-maker who beats to her own drummer.  “I do what I want.  If that so happens to influence you in a good or bad way, well that’s up to your discretion.”  Take a good look at Alektra, however, and most likely your discretion and better judgment will go right out the window.

Like most of her fellow porn stars, Alektra Blue’s favorite word is “fuck.”  But unlike the other actresses of today, she rarely watches porn, and when she does, it’s most likely a mix of anime and anal.  But don’t let those interests fool you!  Alektra is somewhat of a romantic, a lover of kissing and the occasional face-fucking.  I say, bring her home to mom.