2015 jGrrl of the Year – ALL jGrrl’s

This goes out to ALL the jGrrls in the last 10 years! Like WOW! Has it been 10 years? I want to thank everyone of them for supporting me and my vision. For putting up with my crazy ideas and having fun with me. You ALL win because you are ALL the best of the [...]

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BIG Summer News!

JULILAND NEWS: We have lots of news this month in the Juliland Universe.  I want to fill you in and let you know about all the coming changes.  They’re all good changes I promise. Starting with jGrrls… Phoenix Marie was our final jGrrl.  Yes, that’s right, NO more jGrrls from here on out.  It was [...]

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June 2013 jGrrl Audrey Bitoni

Born and bred in sunny California, Audrey Bitoni is one of the very few Los Angeles natives in our Universe!  For that reason alone, she’s quite special.  Richard Avery, however, boasts that there is much more to Audrey than her background.  He explains, “People think they know Audrey, but all they’re really seeing is her [...]

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May 2013 jGrrl Gabriella Paltrova

Born and bred in Chi City, Gabriella Paltrova is a newbie to the adult industry ready to make her mark.  Already, we know that Gabriella thinks outside of the box and has a quick wit about her as she so candidly tells us, “The best part about being a porn star is being in a [...]

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