JULILAND NEWS: Best of the best, the one and only, the cream of the crop, the big… No matter how you want to label her, she is simply Phoenix Marie! We are honored, grateful and just fucking excited to name Phoenix Marie as our 2014 jGrrl of the Year! The Juliland Universe is brighter and better for it.

Phoenix is a great friend to Richard Avery and the Juliland Universe. Last year she was our October jGrrl and deserves this award more than any of our other grrls. Yes, all our jGrrls rule the world, but Phoenix rose above the rest with all her talent and charms! Richard said it best: “I love Phoenix, she does everything the right way! Especially when she listens to me and does what I beg for.” ;-)

Phoenix is an Adult Biz legend and remains one of the best performers working today. She loves her job, loves her sex and loves anal. That’s a lot of love! Being our 2014 jGrrl of the Year makes her smile… “It means a great deal to me, not just because – ha, ha, ha, ha he loves me more than everyone else! – but because of the friendship I have with Dick. If tomorrow Juliland vanished, I would still want to see him as much as our schedules would allow.” Thanks Phoenix for all the support, love and fun! You are more than a friend to the Juliland Universe; you are the queen! Well, at least for one year…