bp_words2JULILAND NEWS: I’m pleased to announce a whole new way to experience Blogoporno: BlogopornoLive.com! Just a webcam attached to a helmet pointing at my face all day while I watch porn … what?  What’s that Dick Avery?  This isn’t about me? Oh for fuck’s sake.  What’s it about then? Cam Grrls?  Well, that sounds much better than me on cam.

BlogopornoLive is a new project from us here at Blogoporno.  We love porn. We love Grrls. We love Grrls on cams. (Some of us maybe a little more than others … we’ve all see your credit card bills, Chad.  What makes BlogopornoLive better than your other options for Cam Grrls?  Uh … guys … it’s us … we’re, like, the best and stuff.  This is only the beginning of our new experiment in bringing you more in porno.  We’ve got a lot more on the horizon.

So, click on over to and meet some real live grrls who are probably going to take their clothes off just for you (and maybe, if you play nice, do a little more than that).