O Interview: Chad Gates

This months interviews is with the Juliland Universe’s super intern Chad Gates.  Why?  Cuz he is one crazy kid who loves porn almost as much as he loves surfing!    I know he has big dreams and wants to do more than anyone I know.  His passion for Juliland, grrls, photography and surfing is unmatched.  [...]

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O Interview: Nikki Next

Whats the best thing about being a porn star? I like the fact guys watch the videos and masturbate.  I love when guys jerk off and get excited. Do you like anal sex? With the right guy it feels amazing. What is your favorite Disney movie of ALL time? The Little Mermaid. I think I [...]

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Announcing BlogopornoLive.com

JULILAND NEWS: I'm pleased to announce a whole new way to experience Blogoporno: BlogopornoLive.com! Just a webcam attached to a helmet pointing at my face all day while I watch porn ... what?  What's that Dick Avery?  This isn't about me? Oh for fuck's sake.  What's it about then? Cam Grrls?  Well, that sounds much [...]

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Yo!  What up porn lovers?  Check out the new and improved BlogoPorno.com!  Woo hoo!  Let me catch you up with what’s going on and why?!?!?  Our good friend Cyrano Jones had been a long time friend and supporter of the Juliland Universe.  He’s put up with my shit longer than most!  A few months ago we [...]

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