jl_holiday2015Ho Ho Ho!  Another year has gone by and the holidays are here!  Time for some Egg Nog, Christmas music and lots of holiday cheer.  As always I’m going to close down the Juliland offices and take 2 weeks off.  BUT first I want to let you know that I’m beyond grateful for 2015.  It was the year of change and another very good year for everyone involved with my Universe.  The grrls had fun, the boys had more fun and I had the most fun.

Tis the season to celebrate and share.  I want to celebrate the fact that I’m so lucky to work with such great friends.  I want to celebrate the fact that the Juliland Universe is getting better every day.  I’ve made my changes, a few adjustments and things are only going to get better.  I’m looking forward to 2016 and what it brings.  I know what ever it is, I will be ready.  We have some big plans for Juliland Radio, the grrls and more.  Just keep coming back and be ready for BIG things.

Please have a safe and happy holiday.  We will see you on the other side.  Happy New Year!!!  Please be grateful and smile always.