Northern California native Sophia Jade describes herself as a “music snob, wannabe fashion designer and succubus.”  Here at Juliland, however, we simply know her as Sophia.  On set she’s notorious for discussing anything from Valentino to rope bondage, Alexander McQueen to gang bangs, and somehow, her ideas flow naturally together.  “I think it’s because I’m a lover of all things androgynous, eccentric and devious.  If it’s arousing in some way or another, I’ll probably be talking about it.”

Breaking into the business just three years ago, Richard Avery took this exotic beauty under his wing to show her the ropes.  Now she’s living every man’s dream in a world where little effort is exerted to play with pretty little things.  “Best of all,” she explains, “I always get their numbers.”  But her confidence around women isn’t the only thing that rubbed off from good ol’ Avery.  Sophia Jade feels the sexiest after a nice shower with wet hair and smeared eye makeup.  With a roll of film and a Hitachi, all that’s left are a few famous last words: “Lights, camera, and action…”