Samantha Bentley is one hell of a British babe hailing directly from London town!  Dark haired and mysterious, Samantha describes herself as “a bit of a mess dressed all in black with a British accent and porcelain white skin.”  Hmm, sounds a lot like our rocker chick, Aiden Ashley, does it not?  Well, despite the apparent similarities between both our grrls, Samantha tells us that she’s a unique bird who finds herself singing and song-writing in her spare time.

Despite her love for music, Samantha Bentley is fan of amateur porn, as she finds it quite difficult to come across a good porn movie that isn’t starring one of her friends.  I suppose that’s the price you pay when you become a porn star.  But, being a rising adult star is not all bad!  Samantha tells us, “I love the fact people see me naked (on my good days), and that I can be an exhibitionist daily.  It’s my way of saying, ‘Hello everyone, I’m naked, I’m hot, FUCK YOU!!’  I’m doing it the right way!”

And when it comes to sex, her attitude is equally as jaunty and sassy.  “I love sex and most importantly, I love the climax.  But I love doggy-style the most, especially when I have my face pushed down in the ground.  I’m submissive and I like it rough.”  But it’s not always rough and tough with Miss Bentley – while a true a submissive at heart, Samantha loves to kiss, sometimes even more than having sex.  “Kissing is sensual and if you get lucky, a good kisser can be a good lover. I think kissing makes me want the other person even more.”  So to all those wishful hopefuls, remember: Samantha wants a good kisser and a man who loves the color black!