The alluring Sovereign Syre is a grrl with either a highly creative imagination or a past to drop jaws.  She tells us in her own words, “I was discovered in a cave in Peru that had been untouched since the Incan occupation of the mountains surrounding Lima.  I was a feral child that spoke a language they have yet to identify.  Luckily I was particularly gifted in language acquisition and managed get on “okay” in basic English.  I escaped the foster care system and made my living as an international jewel thief.  I was discovered by a “talent scout” in an airport in Montreal and decided to abandon my life of crime for the life of a social outcast.”

Quite clearly, this brunette bombshell (with killer lips to match) is one hell of a ball buster.  Although she’s only just starting her career, her quick tongue and affinity for all things trouble is sure to make her both memorable and sought after.  And did we mention those lips?  According to Sovereign, the best part about her position in the adult industry is access to beautiful women and the ability to be paid for having amazing sex.  But unlike other starlets in porn who join the business for fame and adoration, Sovereign “fucks for herself.”  So, for those of you in search of a beautiful, self-sufficient, and independent woman, look no further! We present to you, Miss. Sovereign Syre…

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