Most often when we interview our grrls, they tell us in great detail about their experiences of growing up on various coasts of the United States.  Some hail from Brooklyn, New York, while others are from San Jose, California.  So, you can imagine our surprise when our new November jGrrl told us that she’s originally from Scotland.

Take one look at Skin Diamond, and you see immediately that she’s an unordinary beauty with a quirky personality.  After being in the adult industry for five years now, it’s only until recently that she’s switched to hardcore porn.  She surprisingly describes herself as somewhat of a “loner and a geek,” but tells us later that she also sees herself as an “adventurous, dirty sub.”  All in all, she truly puts a new meaning to the phrase, ‘diamond in the rough.’  According to Skin, nothing is sexier than violence.  “I love being tied up, and I love being seriously dominated by men.”

But don’t worry ladies, Skin has a very soft spot for women as well.  She explains, “Grrls in general are more playful and fun, soft and cuddly, which makes it all the more surprising when they start abusing the shit out of me in bed.  Why do you think I love Juliland so much? There’s a lot of hotties for me to perv at.”  Luckily for her, I don’t think any of our grrls mind!

Nevertheless, it seems that Skin is a bit desensitized when it comes to watching erotica.  “I don’t watch much porn anymore simply because I’ve been watching it for so long.  I’ve become kind of immune to it, and anyways, my imagination is much dirtier.”  Perhaps that’s what gives Skin and indescribable edge to her – she has a vivid imagination and a passion that’s hard to beat.

In the words of Richard Avery, “Skin is a real exhibitionist with a funny personality.  She told me that in her eyes, pornography is simply for jacking-off.  I just about died.”  I’m sure many men and women would agree that Skin’s work is masturbation material, but more than anything, her movies and stills promote the idea of alternative beauty.  It’s not often you see a gorgeous woman of color with the side of her head shaved “getting paid for cumming” – this, Skin tells us, is her favorite part of being an adult star.  She’s truly a site to see.