We are all aware of the saying, “Blondes have more fun.”  In fact, many of our Juliland dolls can testify to the validity of this statement, claiming their blonde locks have gotten them into more fun and more trouble than their dark-haired counterparts.  But, our new jGrrl, Andy San Dimas, is here to put that aphorism to rest once and for all.

This brunette bombshell has ruled the adult industry for almost half a decade now, fucking and screwing with conviction.  She tells us that her favorite part about being an adult star is the ability to work in a different place with different people almost everyday.  “There’s really nothing better than dressing up, making my fantasies come to life, and getting paid in the process.”

But, Andy wasn’t always surrounded by sexuality, nudity, and cameras.  She grew up in a small town outside of Baltimore and came to L.A. with a few expectations in mind.  “It was always my dream as a kid to live in Los Angeles, even though I had a slightly different image in my head of what it actually was like. I thought everything would look like Beverly Hills!”

She tells us that before she started her profession in the adult industry, she worked at a porn shop at the ripe age of eighteen.  A year later she began her stripping career, and at age twenty, she finally did porn.  When we asked her about her name, she laughed and said, “Andy San Dimas, well, first of all, it’s a bad porn name that I wish I could change.  Andy is a quiet and mellow type of girl, but somehow, still some sort of sexual dynamo.”  She tells us further that despite the cliché nature of doggy-style, it’s her absolute favorite position to partake in.  And when it comes to kissing, she surprisingly views it as a very personal act that she’ll only enjoy with someone she truly likes (like the time she had her first kiss when she was thirteen years-old at an ice skating rink).

It seems that Andy San Dimas knows exactly what she likes and what she wants.  She tells us quite confidently that she enjoys the aspect of having outsiders watch her fuck, she has an affinity for guys with long hair (like Keanu Reeves in River’s Edge), she feels she’s very similar to the cartoon character Daria, she gets off on 80’s porn (“because the porn today involves too many broads she knows”), and she believes that hooking up with a female is a magical experience.  She says coyly, “I know I’m a little on the ‘handsome’ side, so grrls either find me attractive or frightening. I love that feeling of slight dominance over grrls.”  Well Andy, we love watching you take on that dominating role, so keep it cuming darling!