We all know that Juliland is “the exclusive home to Richard Avery.” In fact, that little shit won’t stop talking about it when he’s on set, in the shower, and even when he’s getting the best blowjob of his life. But, if you want to know more about the “genius” and “legend” that we all love to death here at the Juliland lair, you need to check out his new and improved blog site, richardaveryphoto.com.

If Juliland.com is Dick’s exclusive home, then you can look at his up and coming blog site as his private dark room.  It’s in this location that you can delve deep into the absolutely sick and fucked-up mind of Avery, read his most intimate and deepest thoughts, and view his photography from the very first photograph he’s ever taken to the latest photographs he’s shot for none other than Juliland.com. Yes, there’s a ton of beautiful women, pussy, and juicy candids on richardaveryphoto.com, but Dick has said persistently that “it’s geared more towards photographers and directors.”

Despite the rumors that Richard Avery is the sickest fuck in the business (and obviously the world), it’s important to remember that he’s also the best photographer/director and a truly talented man. It’s for this reason alone that I urge to check out richardaveryphoto.com – he’s a deep motherfucker who, for the first time ever, is willing to share with YOU his personal life. How much luckier can you get?  — Scarlett Stone