ra_081315Yo!  We’ve got only 5 days to go!  What the fuck are you waiting for?  How many times do I have to ask?  Why is it taking you so long to JOIN us and donate to our SeedAndSpark.com?  What the fuck do you want from us?  This week is DOUBLE PRINTS week.  That’s right!  This is an amazing incentive that you do NOT want to miss out on.  That means you get twice as many prints with every donation.  Instead of one you get two!  Instead of five you get ten!  Instead of ten you get twenty!  How fucking cool is that?!  Seriously though, the best incentive ever for every music lover in your life!

SO stop talking, start donating!  Share with all your friends.  We are so close to our goal of 150k.  It’s going to take you to help us reach our goal.  Get off your ass now and DO IT!

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