2015 Hall of Fame_Karlie Montana

Karlie baby how do I miss you!!!  One super special grrl for sure.  I only shot Karlie once and it was pretty awesome.  We started out clean and ended up a huge mess as always.  Such a sweet grrl in so many ways.  I always wanted more and maybe someday I will get more.  Woo [...]

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2015 Best Mess – Samantha Bentley

My Samantha is the best kind of mess, the kind I look for and the kind I make!  Bad is the new messy.  I like Samantha’s ability to look all glamorous, but I love her when she’s all messy.  I love her covered in what ever we can find.  I love how she gets into [...]

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2015 Best Muff Dive – Ash, Phoenix & Tiffany in ‘AG30’

After Ash & Phoenix got done, the sexy Tiffany Tyler wanted to join in with the fun.  How could we say NO?  I’m not sure I know how to say no to a grrl.  Honestly I was standing there in awe of Ash and how she just takes charge of everything and makes sure everyone [...]

2015 Best Trouble – Audrey Bitoni

Here I go again... Every year Audrey gets this award cuz she is more trouble than any grrl I know.  How do I know?  If she didn’t win this award she would kick my ass!  Now that’s trouble and not the kind I want.  Seriously... Audrey and I make more trouble together and have more [...]

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