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Here’s todays Photo of the Day from and our fearless leader photographer/director Richard Avery.  We like to share a bit of the fun you will find inside  Be smart for a minute and JOIN US today to see it all.  Today’s talent... Kendall Karson

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2015 Rookie of the Year – Kendall Karson

Holy fuck!  Kendall is no rookie, but she was a rookie when it came to Juliland.  We shot a few times and every time was better than the last.  She was so damn nasty and naughty!  She always made me want more in every way possible.  Never a bad thing.  ALWAYS a good thing!  Missing [...]

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2015 Best Solo – Kendall Karson in ‘KK4’

What can I say about Kendall & this video that won’t get me into trouble?  Seriously, I love Kendall.  She is one of those grrls that always brings her best, works hard and smiles while doing it.  We only shot a couple times, but she left me wanting more!  I’m still waiting (hint hint). [...]

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BIG NEWS: 2015 Juliland Awards

JULILAND NEWS: Its that time of the year!  The 2015 Juliland Awards are here!!!  WOO HOO!  Lets the party begin!  This years winners are some of my favorites of all time.  2014 saw lots of new faces and more fun than ever.  Choosing the winners is not easy and I really put a lot of [...]

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