jl_042715JULILAND NEWS: Its that time of the month!  Woo hoo!  Things are getting crazy here in the Juliland Universe!!!  SO happy to announce the addition of sexy Serena Blair and her personal site SerenaBlair.com!!  She is a big time friend of the Universe and a BIG favorite of mine.  I love the fact that Serena will share her own ideas, and talent with you and me!  Not to mention that cute little ass!  Serena is one of a kind and that why we are so proud to have her on board.  Seriously, check this grrl out!

Like ALL our latest additions WE are super excited to have Serena and proud as fuck to share her with YOU.  The Serena I know is sexy, fun, smart, sneaky, caring and creative.  My job is to bring all of this out of her and show you how special she really is.  Trust me, its the kind of job I live for!  Bring it on!  Follow Serena on Twitter & Instagram!