BIG NEWS: Time to Say Good-Bye

Yo!  Got some big news for you.  Maybe the biggest news of all.  Well at least in the Juliland Universe this is super big news.  I’m sad to let you all know that this is the end of the Juliland Universe.  Last year I shut down the pay sites and this year I’m shutting down [...]

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BIG NEWS: The Juliland Universe would like to welcome the SUPER sexy Jada Stevens!  Jada is a superstar in the porn world.  In porn she’s the booty queen and now she’s OUR queen.  We’re so happy to make her booty a member of the heavenly bodies in the Juliland Universe.  It’s going to get crazy!  [...]

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BIG NEWS: Sad News…

BIG NEWS: There has been a lot going on in my Juliland Universe and there is a lot more coming in the months to come.  As you saw and heard I’ve been busy producing a documentary.  The Seed&Spark campaign sucked the life out me.  It was one of the hardest projects I have ever been [...]

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Yo!  NOW things are gonna get serious.  We have 14 days to raise a butt load of money for this documentary.  Time to step up and make shit happen.  I need you help and I need it now.  Please JOIN us and contribute today.  Go to now and donate what you can. We have [...]

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BIG NEWS: Greatest Hits

BIG NEWS:  We are very excited to announce that our fearless leader, Richard Avery, has joined in on a very cool project.  He is Producing his first Documentary.  Lets just say he’s helping out where ever he can!  This is a BIG deal for Richard, because he gets to take his talents outside his crazy erotic [...]

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