JULILAND NEWS: Southern California beauty Missy Martinez has starred in over 200 films since her big break in 2009.  Now almost five years in, Missy looks back on her career as a time in which she found herself.  She admits that her initial fascination with porn was partly due to attending an adult convention during her college years as well as her inability to keep her clothes on.  With her feet firmly planted in a no-clothes-anything-goes kind of job, Missy Martinez is happier than ever.  She adds, “Knowing people jerk off to you is the biggest compliment anyone could receive. I’m just living the dream, man.”

Missy Martinez is living the dream – most often deep within the dreams of her adoring fans.  But as most porn stars are simply constructed images much different than their real self, Missy Martinez his happy to announce that her on-screen and off-screen persona are essentially the same.  However, she does confess, “The real me is much more of a cunt!”  And speaking of cunt, rumor has it that Missy would love to join the ranks of her own idol, Tera Patrick, who’s had her vagina molded into a sex toy.  She explains, “I respect that Tera is business-minded.  Like her, I would like to branch out, direct and see where my career can take me.”