10 Years After: Pearl Jam @ Assembly Hall

February 2012 kicked off the 0th anniversary of Innocent Words Magazine. With that in mind, we have decided to write one retrospective feature each issue documenting our biggest moments, good, bad or otherwise. One of the biggest highlights for me and Innocent Words came early in the magazine, April 23, 2003 to be exact. Pearl [...]

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10 Favorite Guitarists

What is it about the guitar that people flock too? In years of music there are like 100 guitar players to one bass player. Every local band I know has had trouble finding a bass player. Maybe it’s because guitar players get more chicks than bass players? And the drummers? Well forget about it, they [...]

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Is Rock Dead?

A good friend recently sent me this link http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1655254/-rock-dead.jhtml written by Gil Kaufman wondering if rock was dead. They, and by “they,” I mean naysayers and the media, have been saying rock is dead for 40 years now. They said rock was dead when Elvis died, when Lennon died, when the punk movement of the [...]

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Troy’s Favorite Bands of All Time

You know how some music fans from the south are so dedicated to Lynyrd Skynyrd that they don’t think any good music has come out since the 19770’s? That is kind of how I feel about the 1990’s. For one reason or another, even though I was a child of the 1980’s, it is the [...]

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