Top Ten Seattle-Area Bands

There have been plenty of meccas for rock & roll over the decades. From its birth place in the Mississippi Delta, to shores of England for the British wave of heavy metal, to Haight/Ashbury and hippies in San Francisco, to the glam scene of the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles. However, for this writer, there [...]

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Ten Favorite Pearl Jam Songs

Picking my ten favorite Pearl Jam songs out of the hundreds they have recorded over their 20-plus year career is a monumental task, but one worth taking on. Truth be told, I didn’t like Pearl Jam when I first heard them, I was still caught up in that time between hair metal and Guns & [...]

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10 Years After: I Don’t Mind Stealing Bread

February 2012 kicked off the 10th anniversary of Innocent Words Magazine. With that in mind, we have decided to write one retrospective feature each issue documenting our biggest moments, good, bad or otherwise. Sometimes it’s not all fun and games at Innocent Words. On one particular evening, I don’t remember the date, I went out [...]

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Top 10 Favorite Drummers

In the fourth or fifth grade I took up the drums as my first instrument. I wanted to be like Peter Criss. That dream died after one lesson. I didn’t know I had to learn notes and hold the sticks a certain way. I hated it and took up guitar a year later. To this [...]

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10 Favorite Bassists

I am kind of indifferent when it comes to bass. I am glad it’s there in the band, but I don’t obsess over it like a guitarist. I know the bass is important and there are hundreds of bass players that should be on this list rather than the ones I have, but these are [...]

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10 Favorites Male Singers

I had a really tough time with this list to only have 10. In fact, I had to have 12. I broke up the singers in to male and female, even after that there were still too many names. So I cut it down to just have rock singers. Jeff Buckley It might sound a [...]

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