Anal for All, and to All a Good Night

Call it fifth base, sodomy, buggery, butt sex, bumb fucking, chocolate thieving, riding the Hershey highway, cornholing, Greeking, parting cheeks, making pound cake, a chocolate cha cha, or a back-door-Charlie.  If you’re Merriam Webster or my gynecologist, you may clinically describe it as a sexual activity that involves insertion of the penis or a sex [...]

In One Hole and Then The Other

You find yourself in the heat of the moment, about to climax, about to let yourself go completely.  Your partner tells you he or she wants you to oh-so-quickly switch from vaginal to anal sex (or visa versa) because “it feels amazing “ or they “saw it in porn.”  Naturally, you’re inclined to make the [...]

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