Mike’s 5 Cents

The following submission and any other submissions to “Dear Scarlett” are by independent contributors who have agreed to our terms of use.  We are so appreciative for their work and encourage them or any other interested parties to contact us for online publication.  Now, let’s get down and dirty… Did you fuck her? I did! [...]

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Anal for All, and to All a Good Night

Call it fifth base, sodomy, buggery, butt sex, bumb fucking, chocolate thieving, riding the Hershey highway, cornholing, Greeking, parting cheeks, making pound cake, a chocolate cha cha, or a back-door-Charlie.  If you’re Merriam Webster or my gynecologist, you may clinically describe it as a sexual activity that involves insertion of the penis or a sex [...]

Toy of the Month

April’s toy of the month may not have “anal plug” sprawled across its packaging, but it’s not to hard infer its function from the ever-so clever title, Booty Call.  California Exotics’ Booty Player is, as I already stated, an anal plug.  But unlike other toys used for up-the-butt-play, this product has 10 very powerful functions [...]

Bum Bleaching: The New Trend on The Block

The trend of anal bleaching is one that goes directly hand in hand with bikini waxing, as both function as a change of one’s physical appearance in the nether regions by choice and consent.  But while pubic hair removal dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC, anal bleaching is a novelty that’s only really taken [...]

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In One Hole and Then The Other

You find yourself in the heat of the moment, about to climax, about to let yourself go completely.  Your partner tells you he or she wants you to oh-so-quickly switch from vaginal to anal sex (or visa versa) because “it feels amazing “ or they “saw it in porn.”  Naturally, you’re inclined to make the [...]

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Bobbi Starr’s Week in Porn • 04.15.11

This week: Pinups and the models that inspired them. DieHard is a double entendre. Who would have thought? Oh, lawyers. Never nudes: it's not just for Tobias Fünke anymore. What's new in Juliland.com: April jGrrl Nicki Hunter in an all new Movieland film! See Nicki in two new Fotoland sets, as well as Ash Hollywood, [...]

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