You find yourself in the heat of the moment, about to climax, about to let yourself go completely.  Your partner tells you he or she wants you to oh-so-quickly switch from vaginal to anal sex (or visa versa) because “it feels amazing “ or they “saw it in porn.”  Naturally, you’re inclined to make the switch, the change from one orifice to other, the ultimate swap of holes.  But before you copy your favorite on-screen starlets, consider the effects of putting a penis or dildo in one hole and then the other.

Perhaps most importantly, you need to remind yourself that what you seen in porn does not reflect reality, nor should it be directly copy and pasted into the bedroom.  On set, porn stars have the option to stop, slip on a condom, start again, and then have all of these steps later cut out and edited so you as viewers only see the fast-paced penetration of the adult industry.  But most often, the use of a condom is actually absent on set and on screen.  While there may be rubbers available for practice while shooting, most often, male stars will thoroughly disinfect their members before reinserting it into another hole.  Again, this scrupulous cleanse is unaware to viewers.  Oh, the magic of film.

Then there are cases in porn where there is no cleanse or disinfecting, no cutting or editing in post-production, and no condoms – what you see is truly what you get – a penis being placed into another orifice (mouth, vagina, or anus) without any cleaning or change of condom.  Sometimes you’ll even see a “southern trespass” where while having sex, the male changes orifices without prior consent or warning.  For the sake of all humanity, please ask before inserting!

But what exactly happens when you simply swap holes?  The main concern with switching between the anus and the vagina is the bacteria in the digestive tract that are unfriendly to the environment of the vagina.  With the spread of Escherichia coli (E. coli) down below, you can find yourself with a stomach infection, a nasty yeast infection, or urinary tract infection (UTI), which could later develop into a kidney infection if not treated immediately.  And for those of you elitists who believe that such things would never happen to you, please take a good look in the mirror, give yourself a hard slap on the face, and do the following:

  1. Use condoms on toys if switching from vaginal, to anal, to oral (or vise versa)
  2. Change condoms after use with each partner and if switching between orifices.  And always use a new condom!
  3. Wear a condom for anal and take it off for vaginal (if you’ve been properly tested for HIV and STD’s and/or are currently on birth control)
  4. Wash all fingers thoroughly with a disinfecting soap between fingering various orifices.  You can also consider using gloves or a finger cot, and again, will need to switch to a new one if attention is changed to another orifice.
  5. Use two female condoms: one inserted into the vagina, and the other into the anus.  As female condoms stay tethered into the orifice they’re in, it makes for an easy transition if couples chose to switch holes without changing male condoms.

Yours truly,
Scarlett Stone