YO!  What the fuck is up mutha fuckers?!?!  Wake up the fuck up Freaky Crew!  I wanted to write a simple post about my friend MimeFreak.  Times are changing and the sad news is we are parting ways.  Why?  Simply this... As you can see I’m cutting back and trimming down the Juliland Universe.  NOT [...]

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2015 Best Podcast Show – FreakyCrew

What’s up mutha fuckers?  Its ALL about the Freak Crew at the Juliland Universe!  This year MimeFreak and his podcast show win BEST podcast for a few reasons... 1st, its fucking funny!  2nd, its fucking brilliant!  3rd, its the fucking Freaky Crew!  Fucking duh bro!  Last year he did 10 episodes and I’m hoping this [...]

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