Toy of the Month

Penis pumps are yesterday’s news since the ingenuity and release of Dr. Laura Berman’s Intimate Basics Collection from California Exotic Novelties.  With a total of fifty toys to her debut line, the Dr. has shown that woman can not only vibrate, stimulate, massage, pulse, dilate, plug and rotate, BUT they can also pump just like their [...]

If A Penis Could Read

If a cock could converse, what would he say?  Perhaps he would ask for a nice rub, a kiss before bed, a quickie in the morning, or an all-day fuck fest.  In times of overwhelming sexual frustration, he may yell out slurs of discontentment or even a simple, “Fuck me.” If the one-eyed snake could [...]

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I Spy A Pussy

I used to truly despise the work of Georgia O'Keeffe.  I felt that her flower paintings depicted female femininity in the worst possible manner.  Oh  Georgia, how original you were – a painting of a flower that looks like a vagina.  Did she feel that the vagina simply resembled plant-like forms?  Maybe she was making [...]

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Diamonds are a Grrl’s Best Friend

In the year 1953, the infamous blonde bombshell, Marilyn Monroe, told us two little white lies.  Firstly, she told us that gentlemen prefer blondes, a statement that is a false overgeneralization.  Secondly, she told us that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, a phrase that I personally happen to disagree with. To assume that all [...]

Harder, Wetter, and Then It’s Over

Touch me (properly, of course) in my nether regions and I’ll get turned on.  I’ll know I’m turned on because I’ll feel  my cunt tingle, my panties soak, and my stomach turn.  Did I mention my nipples will show through my white cotton dress? Before you know it, we’ll both be aware of my overwhelming [...]

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