A Lap Dance

I'd carried on a conversation about nothing for a good ten minutes, batting my false lashes and giggling loudly at my customer's non-funny jokes while toying with my hair. "You are so funny, I didn't know underwriting mortgages could be so entertaining!" I cooed and traced my nails over his back, perched on his knee [...]

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What Your Outfit Says About You

Strip clubs are fashion shows. Want to know next season's most popular color? Spend an evening at a cabaret. (It's Pantone 16-1360, by the way. Looks great on a wrap around bikini.) While at the end of the night we all end up naked, your outfit is your way of expressing yourself. School Girl: sweet [...]

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We’re All Strippers

When you break it down, every job feels a lot like stripping. Maybe I'm keeping my clothes on at Mega bank, but other than that it's exactly the same. We all start out as cute, innocent little baby strippers. We get our licenses, sign paperwork promising to follow the laws about stripping. No touching period, [...]

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Preparing for the Busy Season (or) Stripper with Financial Savvy

Marley woke me up with a text message this morning. Marley: WOMANNNN!!! Twisted: MARLEYYYY!!! Whatttttt Marley: I can't wait to rage on Saturday!!

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