jl_twisted2Strip clubs are fashion shows. Want to know next season’s most popular color? Spend an evening at a cabaret. (It’s Pantone 16-1360, by the way. Looks great on a wrap around bikini.) While at the end of the night we all end up naked, your outfit is your way of expressing yourself.

School Girl: sweet and sexy, this outfit appeals to just about every man out there because I swear they all have a thing for school girls. I’d always accompany mine with pigtails and glasses. I find this outfit tends to be worn by the newer girls in the club, because it’s an easy way to ease into fulfilling men’s fantasies.

What it says: Youthful, Stereotypical, Innocently Sexy, Fulfiller of Fantasies

Black: Whether it’s classy lingerie, a bikini, or a cut off t shirt and panties, black is a power color. It’s automatically sexy, and it’s effortless. It’s always my back up, because it’s so easy. But men are easy too, and they like things that are eye catching…

What it says: Vixen, Simple

Neon and Color: My favorite! Strip clubs are dark, and riddled with black light. Slip on a neon bikini and you’ll glow, catching every eye in the room. I find after a while most girls start gravitating towards simple outfits in bright colors. Red, turquoise, chartreuse, they’re all crowd pleasers.

What it says: LOOK AT ME!, Fun

Corsets: Corsets are sexy and men love them. I think it’s the old time-y classic sexy that gets them, or the hour glass figure. However, they’re hard to take off and I find a lot of girls wear them to hide their tummies. (Which totally works. No hate.)

What it says: Classic sexy, perhaps insecure

Expensive Lingerie: I see this a lot in the classier clubs, occasionally in my own. It makes you feel and look like a million bucks, and makes men think you’re a money maker which makes them want to give you even more money because you’re in demand. I like expensive lingerie, but not at the club. For one, it’s delicate and hard to take off. Your outfit is gonna end up on the floor, the dusty staged, soaked with sweat and pussy juice, perhaps cum on, and maybe even stolen. I’ve had more outfits than I can count stolen by men in the club or other girls. I’ll save the lingerie for the bedroom. Plus, saving some outfits for just home use makes it special for your sweetie.

What it says: I’m worth this many dollars!, Classy

Elaborate Mazes: Fish net jump suits, corsets with a million straps, full body stockings. They’re sexy. But that’s just about it. They’re impossible to take off, get caught on everything, and are way more trouble than they’re worth. Oh, and they’re just as hard to put on again! I’ll save these ones for the bedroom too.

What it says: If you think I’m complicated you should take a look at my outfit

Thong and a Garter Belt: Ah, the lazy stripper’s best friend. …so yes, I do typically rock this outfit. At the end of an eight hour shift, fifty lap dances, and ten acrobatic 6 minute stage routines, I am in no mood to struggle in and out of fancy lace tops. My patience for retying bikini tops and carefully shimmying out of my thong while leaving on a school girl skirt is gone. Fuck it, give me a nice simple thong and a garter belt to hold my money. You can slip in and out of that in a heart beat and be on to the next dance. Ah, simplicity.

What it says: Fuck it! Give me money!

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