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You asked for more and now you have it! Question is, can you handle it? For your sake, we sure hope so. More w/Mo, hosted by adult performer and director Mo Reese, is the very first podcast show featuring a male host to grace Juliland Radio. Needless to say, he delivers.

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Peek-A-Boo defines "serendipity" as an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. I made one of those desirable discoveries by accident the other day. When I was a teen, I was captivated by a Playmate. The first Playboy I ever looked at in earnest was the May 1964 Playmate of the Year issue, with the [...]

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You May Never Know

This is one of those weird stories that has to be true because you couldn't make it up. When my wife went to her high school reunion, I had a really good time, because as a spouse of a graduate, I didn’t know anybody and wasn't expected to. When my high school reunion came up, [...]

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A Chance To Be Nice

Sometimes you just get lucky. I think of myself as a nice guy. I have worked at a major theme park in Anaheim, where they specialize in being nice, so I learned from the best and I work as a volunteer guide at a private club in Hollywood (RICHARD DO NOT LINK TO THE CLUB) [...]

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