Evol vs Trouble

OMFG!  What is worse?  What is better?  Who are these grrls and why do I love them both?  What the fuck am I talking about and do you really care?  I just want to express my love and respect for two of my favorite grrls in the Juliland Universe: Aiden Ashley and Ash Hollywood, one [...]

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Scarlett’s Getting “Closer”

Dressed in a sequined bodice, matching thong, and a glossy pink wig, Natalie Portman leans into Clive Owen and tells him a something real: “Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off…but, it’s better if you do.”  It was in 2004’s Closer that this interaction between Natalie and Clive [...]

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Fraternities: The Source of All Evil?

I’m not quite sure if everyone is aware of this, but there is an entire separate sector of men called ‘bros.’ Even within this sector, there are subdivisions and sub-species that are all different, but carry some overlapping traits that unite them as one.  Some go by the name of ‘alternative bro’ or ‘water polo [...]

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