Join The Club

To not join is the equivalent of not voting.  In both instances, you’re luckily of age, you have the opportunity to do so, yet you refuse to exercise your right.  By passing up these chances, you’re not only moronic, but you’re also missing out on a whole lot of action.  In the case of [...]

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Tricks and Treats

As Halloween is swiftly approaching us, I felt compelled to write an article about my absolute favorite holiday before I get completely drunk off candy and pumpkin seeds.  Naturally, I’ve already carved my pumpkin into the shape of a vagina.  And I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I used a sharpie to carefully [...]

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The Juliland Lair Revealed

The White House, Buckingham Palace, and the Taj Mahal are all highly iconic buildings that are both internationally recognized and visited by thousands on a daily basis.  For that reason alone, their gates are strictly guarded, and their tour guides come prepared for the tourists that await their secrets from within.  So, like all great [...]

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