JULILAND NEWS: The Juliland Universe is SO happy to announce the newest addition to our ever expanding Universe...!  I know what you’re asking... What the fuck is a and why do they have a new website?  Its simple... is the 3rd in our Life Coach sites ( & ) and [...]

Avery Prints!

Yo!  Its not something we talk about too much, for what ever reason, BUT we sell original Richard Avery prints here at and  You can buy any image you like of your favorite grrl and get a beautiful print signed by Avery for your collection.  Here’s the details... 13x19 - Watercolor Giclee Archival 300gm Print - [...]

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JULILAND NEWS: I'm pleased to announce a whole new way to experience Blogoporno:! Just a webcam attached to a helmet pointing at my face all day while I watch porn ... what?  What's that Dick Avery?  This isn't about me? Oh for fuck's sake.  What's it about then? Cam Grrls?  Well, that sounds much [...]

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BIG Summer News!

JULILAND NEWS: We have lots of news this month in the Juliland Universe.  I want to fill you in and let you know about all the coming changes.  They’re all good changes I promise. Starting with jGrrls… Phoenix Marie was our final jGrrl.  Yes, that’s right, NO more jGrrls from here on out.  It was [...]

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Everything Is News

I’m gonna vent again.  I think you should be use to it by now.  EVERYTHING is news these days.  Its gotten STUPID and fucking lame.  No matter what site you look at... CNN, HuffPost, Daily Beast, USA Today or others.  Every stupid thought or idea becomes news.  When some lame celebrity tweets some random lame [...]

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Huffington Post

When it comes to searching for news on the Internet, I tend to look at,, and of course,  They all give fairly balanced info, but every now and then, there’s everyday bullshit mixed in.  Is this strange form of “serious news” the future of journalism? Due to technology and web design, fill their [...]

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