ra_news copyI’m gonna vent again.  I think you should be use to it by now.  EVERYTHING is news these days.  Its gotten STUPID and fucking lame.  No matter what site you look at… CNN, HuffPost, Daily Beast, USA Today or others.  Every stupid thought or idea becomes news.  When some lame celebrity tweets some random lame thought… NEWS!  When some grrls outfit shows off some side boob… NEWS!  When someone says something stupid… NEWS!  Its gotten ridiculous and just plain stupid.

You have to dig through ALL this bullshit to get to what truly matters.  We need to create a bullshit filter for our web browsers, but if we did that it will kill most of HuffingtonPost.com.  They mix in this bullshit with serious news and the serious news suffers.  I guess they want you to see the side boob so you will read about Climate Change.  Read Lady Gaga’s tweets so you then read about new technology curing cancer.  Its a strange world we live in, but mixing the serious with the bullshit does US no good what so ever.

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