Giddy Up!  I had the chance to visit the stables and meet Serena Blair’s beautiful horse Star.  I got to ask the tough questions in between her daily workouts.  She is spoiled and loved more than any horse I’ve ever met.  She’s as nice as she is beautiful.  Whoa!

Who are you & how did you get the name Star?
I am the beloved horse of Serena Blair.  Star is just my barn name, my SHOW name is Cinder Starry Night, it comes from my parent’s names.  Mom likes to call me “Star Pony” but, I’m not really a pony.  I’m actually 14.3 hands high (with shoes on) so I just made the cut off to be considered a horse!

What do you like to do for fun when your mom is not around taking good care of you?
My favorite thing in the whole wide world is food.  When I’m not eating or working, I’m thinking about eating.  Mom leaves puzzle toys that dispense treats for me while she is away, I like to play with those a LOT.

What is your favorite snack food?
Did you say food???  Where?

Do you have a boy friend?  If yes, who?  If no, why not?
There are many stallions and geldings at the barn who like to think they that they could have a chance with me but, I’m just not that kind if a girl.  I am however, a huge tease.  I like to strut my stuff around the arena, winking at all the boys but, if they get too close, I pin my ears and threaten to kick them!  There was one special guy, a big black cutting horse who was visiting from out of town, he was the only horse I ever peed for.

Fuck, Marry, Kill… Trigger, Secretariat, Mr. Ed?
I would definitely fuck Secretariat, I have a thing for athletes. Alas, thoroughbreds are know to be “flighty” so not good husband material.  Now Trigger is a wholesome country stallion I could settle down and raise a foal with.  Plus, dat ass!  I’d have to kill Mr. Ed because he just talks way too much and he’s needy, I can’t do needy.