A frisky new pup has been added to the Starr family, an adorable female Pitbull that goes by the name of Nora.  She’s beautiful like her mother, grey like 50 Shades, as sassy as her fellow housemate, China, and a shoe-in for Baby Frank’s new girlfriend.  A fan of younger women, Frank swooned and Nora napped.  Between the two of them, the following interview transpired, a short discussion about cat food and football.  All in all, it seems that Bobbi Starr has some stiff competition!

How lucky are you to have your new mom be Bobbi Starr?
Pant-pant RRrr-Bark pant-pant Bark!

Dog-gone lucky! Sorry, I like bad puns! But seriously, she cuddles with me, she feeds me and picks up my poop! What else could a dog want!

What do you bring to your new mom and new home, besides poop walks & gnawing on the furniture?
BARK! Rrrr-pant bark. Pant.

My amazing grasp of quantum mechanics and unconditional love. But mostly the  quantum mechanics thing.

I hear that your mom is an A’s fan and I hear that you LOVE the Giants… How do you put up with a mom that loves the wrong team?
Bark! Bark! rrrr-Bark! Bark!

She can suck it! Giants swept the World Series in four games, baby! That’s right! Oakland who?

Seriously, what do you think of China?  (remember she doesn’t read pup pup, so speak your mind!)
Bark! pant…Bark! Bark!

I love cat food. Love cat food. Don’t know what it is about that stuff. She can stay and I’ll play nice so long at I get more of that cat food.

And cat poop.

Whoops, did I just say that?

Last, do you eat Gluten Free dog food?
Pant, pant. Pant, Bark! Bar!

Mom buys the good stuff, so I’m pretty sure there’s no gluten — and if there is, there isn’t that much. Still, it’s the best food I’ve ever had!

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