A British pug named Fang walks into a bar.  He asks for a spot of tea and snuffles out a big snort.  As he turns around, he comes to find that this speakeasy encounter is not a knock-knock joke, but rather, a friendly interview with the one and only, Baby Frank.  As they bark over martinis and growl between shots, the two become friends and the following discussion is captured, a dialogue better than a punch-line or pun any day…

1. Why do you think Samantha named you Fang?  Do you like it?
Snuffle snuffle snort snort snort. snuffle bark. snuffle snuffle snuffle snort. Bark bark woof bark.
My mum told me I was meant to be called Colin but when I was a baby the first time she saw me I chewed her finger and wouldn’t stop, so she called me Fang. I like my name, I am very fierce, I chase foxes.

2. What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
Snuffle snort snort snort.
My mummy and granny always tell me how special and beautiful I am.

3. Where is your favorite place to pee?
Snuff bark snort snort snuffle. Snort snort snort.
I like to pee everywhere. I pee three times in most places.

4. Have you ever had afternoon tea with “The Queen¹s” corgis?
Of course.

5. What do you have to say to all the other dogs out there?
Bark bark SNORT SNORT SNORT snuffle bark bark bark woof.
I love my mummy she spoils me and buys me gifts and she is the best and
you should all go to badbentley.com.

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