Catnip aside, our very own Baby Frank is under love’s spell falling quite hard for a feline female named Bellatrix.  If Frank is anything like his mommy Scarlett, his adoration is due to her uncanny similarities to a crazed witch from Harry Potter.  But will this tale of two lovers last the test of time?  Bella’s mother, Gabriella Paltrova, thinks her nine lives are too much for our little pup to handle.  Nevertheless, Frank’s heart remains strong!  The following interview is a play-by-play of the first time these forbidden creatures first met

How did you get your name Bellatrix and what does it mean to you?
Sup Frank, I got my name based off a character in Harry Potter. We have the same attitude.

Since you live indoors all the time, do you ever wonder what its like outside?
I’ve been outdoors a few times. I just want to eat all those bugs!

Have you ever watched your mom hook up with any of her boyfriends or grrlfriends?
MEOWWWW. No, she always kicks me out of the room. Just gives me a better chance to annoy her.

Is catnip really as good as they say it is?
So good that when mom was gone, I made a mess all over the floor so she could clean it up.

Last, What is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
I love you :)

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