Hello, Hilo!?  Baby Frank exclaims as he sniffs the butt of Angel Vain’s one true love, her dog.  While Angel is a busy body, you can generally find Hilo at the opposite end of the spectrum taking long naps and yawning for exercise.  Despite their diverse lifestyles, the two get along swimmingly.  And as usual, Baby Frank was live at the scene to catch a glimpse into their successful relationship.

Have you ever walked in on Angel getting some in her bedroom?
Ewwww no… well (looks around) there was this one time, hahaha nah I’m just kidding.  Mom likes to have sleepovers at her friends?  Houses… but she never brings any of her friends home, and sadly I never get invited.  My psychiatrist says it’s better this way.  Something about keeps me in a stable home environment.  And honestly this way I don’t have to play the jealous puppy act, I get all of her attention all of the time! I’m quite happy with this arrangement!

If you could tell your master one thing, what would it be?
SLEEP!!!  But seriously… Yeah sleep!  Mom has a busy life and is always working on some new project, which I guess should motivate me… but let’s just face it I like to sleep!  Not that I like to pull the breed card but we have been stereotyped as short, lethargic, low-key kinda dogs and well, I fit the label… wink!

If you were a porn star, what would your name be?
Well… seeing as how I am of the canine family and the option for me taking the leap into the porn industry would be nonexistent (unless I lived in Mexico… that’s a long story you gotta ask my mom about) I’ve never thought about it.  Hmmm but seeing as how I am a Vain and Hilo just doesn’t flow as a porn name… I was born in Round Rock, Texas… not sure what street, LOL isn’t that some kinda rule use the street you were born on?!?  Sorry I’m rambling… Oh I got it!!  I’d be Rocky Vain, LOL… but then I bet people would look up Rocky Vein when trying to google me hahaha wonder what craziness they’d find… sorry sorry I’m easily distracted, LOL that’s the one trait me and mom have in common well that and freckles.  :)

Do you like cats?
Honestly I’ve only seen a cat once, and I didn’t know what the hell it was!  It had this horrible dusty smell, that mom explained was litter… which I don’t get, why wouldn’t you just go outside to shit like a normal animal?!?  But whatever!  And it had this smug look on it’s face that, well just rubbed me the wrong way!  I don’t like people or animals for that matter judging me, I may not look all that smart but mom’s always reading interesting stuff to me and I’d like to think I know a thing or two about well just about everything!  Not to toot my own horn, but Toooot!  Ok sorry… so cats, I don’t wanna say I don’t like them… I just haven’t met the right one yet… yeah, I’ll leave it at that!

What is the best thing about being Angel’s dog?
Well the best thing… if I had to choose one… the way she loves me!  To me Angel is more than just my mom, she’s my best friend, she’s my emotional support, she’s the one that takes care of me, she inspires me!  She always leaves the light on til I fall asleep (I’m still a lil afraid of the dark), she always brings me a snack just when I’m about to ask (I think she can read my mind), she lets me paint with her (even if I don’t ask), she’s the best story teller I know!  She’s just my Angel!  I wouldn’t want it any other way!