Fictional Females of My Affection

They may have only existed on screen, in the pages of a novel, or on the cutting room floor.  In some instances, they were manufactured by science, animated by graphic designers, idealized by Truman Capote, and idolized by MILF admirers everywhere.  Their livelihood may have only lasted a mere two and a half hours, but [...]

UCLA + Porn = College Boy Boners

The year was 2008 on a college campus not too far from the Juliland Lair.  The only two females present (quite proudly, I might add) in Ackerman Grand Ballroom were Jane and myself.  And needless to say, we found ourselves surrounded by semen a sea full of men at the University of California Los Angeles [...]

The Sexual Surrogate vs. The Hooker

Ben Lewin’s The Sessions tells the very real story of a man confined to an iron lung who desires nothing more than to lose his virginity.  With the support of his therapist and priest, Mark O’Brien (played by John Hawkes) contacts a sexual surrogate, Cheryl Cohen Greene (played by Helen Hunt), for a truly therapeutic [...]

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All About Cherry

In 1997, Paul Thomas Anderson directed a film that profiled the California adult industry of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Following the career of an impressionable and well-endowed Eddie Adams, Boogie Nights starts with a bulge and ends with a full-frontal prosthetic penis (worn by the one and only, Marky Mark).  Before we know it, Eddie [...]

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