Electric Tits n’ Clits For Beginners

Once there was a grrl in her car, Who rubbed it and went very far. She felt uninspired and tried things with wires, And now, she’s called Bobbi Starr.  Electrosluts is the name of her game, Wired Pussy is different but the same. If you love her with passion, try this on for fashion, You’ll [...]

All About Cherry

In 1997, Paul Thomas Anderson directed a film that profiled the California adult industry of the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Following the career of an impressionable and well-endowed Eddie Adams, Boogie Nights starts with a bulge and ends with a full-frontal prosthetic penis (worn by the one and only, Marky Mark).  Before we know it, Eddie [...]


Despite the fact that our bodies are already comprised of nearly 60% water, the continuously innovative Kink.com has decided to add a little bit more H20 into the mix.  And by a “little,” I’m referring to the pools, garden hoses, dunk tanks, shower heads, and buckets full of the substance we all know, love, and [...]

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ElectroSluts.com is HERE!

SAN FRANCISCO — Kink.com announced today the launch of performer and director Bobbi Starr’s extreme lesbian BDSM website, ElectroSluts.com. The company said the new offering includes “higher voltage, bigger dildos, harder flogging and hotter babes than ever seen before.” ElectroSluts’ reality-based scenarios will feature bound and tormented amateur girls and stars alike submitting to Starr’s [...]

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