The trend of anal bleaching is one that goes directly hand in hand with bikini waxing, as both function as a change of one’s physical appearance in the nether regions by choice and consent.  But while pubic hair removal dates back to 4000 to 3000 BC, anal bleaching is a novelty that’s only really taken off in the last decade or so when more beauty salons received requests for bleaching back sides.

The desire to be anally bleached is one that has been primarily influenced by the female adult stars of our generation.  In fact, take a look at most high-budget productions these days and you’re more likely to see a bleached anus than one of natural complexion.  Aesthetically, I can understand why this cosmetic convention is popular and preferred in both adult and mainstream society – the skin appears ever-so-clean, soft, and uniform in nature.

But like most procedures that ultimately change one’s outer appearance, there are physical complications, side effects, and societal strains that should be considered when bleaching your anus.  First and foremost, find out what chemicals are being used in these bleaching products!  Many studies have been conducted on skin bleaching systems that contain glutathione, and some have shown a correlation to skin cancer and other skin diseases.  While these are primarily directed and advertised towards those of darker skin complexion, I worry that anal bleaching creams contain damaging chemicals as well like hydroquinone and kojic acid.  The names alone are a bit frightening, are they not?

Culturally, the act of anal bleaching is both problematic and very telling of our society.  The discoloration of the anus is a completely natural progression, one that is due to hormonal changes and childbirth.  And by bleaching the skin, you’re more or less hiding the fact that you poop.  In effect, your ass hole looks like baby’s butt, and consequently, men will forget entirely that bowel movements exist (not that they already believed that women took shits).  Who would have thought you would be affecting the world so dramatically when you bleached your butt hole?

But, how does this go hand in hand with bikini waxing?  Well, by removing hair, especially in a Brazilian wax, you’re again denying the fact that hair existed there in the first place.  Post-waxing and post-bleaching leave a woman looking like an adolescent girl before she hits puberty.  If that’s what tickles your pickle, then don’t stop your alterations.  But with everything you involve yourself in, you should always stop to think about how it effects yourself.

Now, in the spirit of anal bleaching, here are two videos both similar and different in content to aid your perspectives and make you laugh:

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