The Buddha says, in the Lotus Sutra, that all things are vanity.

However, if the Buddha were not a Northern Indian prince, but instead the heir of an x-rated fortune who rejected his legacy, I think he would have said that all things are pornography.

I recently took part in a non-adult shoot. I do these sometimes, and in this case it was for the 2011 Summer collection of Huf Footwear. For those of you who aren’t up on skateboarding, though I assume you have a firm grasp of Buddhism, Huf was founded by skateboard pro Keith Hufnagel, who operates Huf retail stores that sell decks, clothes and, of course, shoes.

Take a look at the photos here!

Notice how the shoes are so lovingly shot? (Lovingly shot in the ultra-hip and uber-cool Vibe Hotel, I might add.) I’m sure many of you have seen this style of shooting before. In fact, even if you aren’t into feet, I know the whole foot fetish thing was screaming out louder than Paris Hilton’s usual flareup of herpes…

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